PS Power Signs Sdn Bhd
23, Jalan TPK 2/7, Section 2,
Taman Perindustrian Kinrara,
47180 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
+6012-3479492 Hotline


Customize Acrylic Podium for Speech

Acrylic Box with LED Showcase Product

Acrylic LED Mini Staircase Showcase Cosmetic Product

Indoor 3D acrylic company name signage

tarpaulin billboard

Billboard 2

Billboard 1




Etching P6

Etching P5

Frosted company sticker logo on glass door

Wall Sticker Signage

Tarpaulin Signage

Tarpaulin Signage with LED

Laser Cutting Acrylic

Laser Cutting Acrylic

Laser Cutting Acrylic

Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Service - Logo / Pattern

VIP Retirement gift souvenir wood laser engraving custom made

Laser engraving service on wooden toys

Laser engraving on wood

Acrylic machine label tag

Laser marking service

Laser marking service on keychain

Namecard holder laser marking service

Machine Card

Gold stainless steel Lettering LED Backlit

Mirror Stainless Steel Box Up Lettering

Stainless Steel Box up Led Signage

Stainless Steel 3D Lettering Company Signage

High Impact Router Cutting

Router Cutting Service on Wood

Router Cutting Service Pattern 1


Outdoor Corridor Signage

Outdoor 3D Lettering Company Signage

Indoor Special LED Condo Signage

Indoor 3D acrylic lettering cut out signage

Car Service Centre Signboard

Cafe Signboard Outdoor Signboard

Outdoor Resort Signage with LED Backlit

Outdoor Signboard for shop

Custom made Plinko for Event Lucky Draw

Custom Made Big Lucky Draw box with light

Event use 3D Display Stand

Special acrylic trophy with magnet for signature

Aluminium direct print restroom signage

Acrylic display block direct print

Mirror stainless steel direct printing service

UV Direct Printing Powerbank

Outdoor acrylic company name signage with 4 screw

Zig-Zag Banner - Installation @Putrajaya

Zig-Zag Banner - Installation @Putrajaya

Neon Signage

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